Generator Hostel are holding a competition for one lucky winner to travel around Europe to attend six (SIX!) different festivals and all you’ve to do is to tell them why you’re the perfect candidate.… Continue reading

Crystals for Healing

This week I felt the need to get a few crystals again to help aid me through this time of healing. The last few months have been a lil intense for me. Not… Continue reading

The Art of Mysticism:

 Tarot I normally always carry my cards with me, and I always carry my favourite deck, The New Age deck I stumbled across in Dervish on Camden Street, in Dublin. Tarot Cards can… Continue reading

An Introduction to Crystals

    On Sunday, in Ireland it’s Mother’s Day, and one of the more meaningful gifts I feel you can share is the gift of a Crystal or two, or three. They also… Continue reading

Indian Golden Milk

A (very cute & devilishly handsome) friend of mine shared this amazing Ayurvedic recipe for Indian Golden Milk with me and I ever since he shared it with me I cannot tell you… Continue reading

Buddha Bites

  The other day I was trying to come up with a coeliac and vegan friendly way to have high-protein bites and then I created these little nuggets of green, green goodness! I… Continue reading

Raw Banana Pancakes

Today is Pancake Tuesday and I have a very nice recipe for you for pancakes that are raw, that are vegan and wheat-free, gluten-free, pretty much everything free except for two little ingredients, well… Continue reading

Super Fly War Paint

 My Super-Fly War Paint!   I bring you a couple more all-natural eye makeup mixes. Chocolate Brown Eyeshadow and Black Willow Charcoal Eyeliner. Both only have one other ingredient: Coconut Oil.    … Continue reading

Bat those Lashes – Natural Mascara!

I used to be one of those girlos that wouldn’t leave the house without layers of cake mixture sitting atop my face. When I was 16 I used to spend three hours every… Continue reading

Basically-Raw* Vegan Banana Curry…..!

I love bananas. And curry. Together? YES. It works! Since awakening spiritually, and eating raw, I can’t hack hot spicy food anymore. But I love the curry flavour when it’s mild and sweet.… Continue reading